NDIS cleaning and gardening | Gosford

NDIS cleaning and gardening | Gosford

NDIS cleaning and gardening in Gosford,  At AD Healthcare, we are your trusted provider of Cleaning and gardening services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained living environment, and our dedicated team is here to assist NDIS participants in achieving a comfortable and enjoyable space.

NDIS cleaning and gardening | Gosford

Maintaining your garden on a regular basis plays a vital role in preserving its visual appeal. When plants are well cared for, hedges are neatly trimmed, and lawns are meticulously manicured, your outdoor space exudes a heightened aesthetic charm. A captivating garden not only fills you with a sense of pride but also creates a delightful ambiance for both you and your visitors.

In addition to the visual aspects, garden maintenance involves vigilantly monitoring for pests and taking proactive measures to control their populations. Pests have the potential to inflict significant harm on plants, leading to stunted growth, defoliation, and even the demise of your beloved greenery. By implementing effective pest management practices, you can shield your garden from the detrimental effects of insects and other unwelcome invaders.

Our professional gardeners are skilled in maintaining and beautifying outdoor spaces. From lawn mowing and weed control to pruning and landscaping, we offer comprehensive gardening services to keep your garden looking its best.

As an NDIS – registered provider, we adhere to the prescribed standards and guidelines set by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Our organization is committed to catering to the distinctive requirements of NDIS participants, focusing on enhancing their independence and overall well-being.

At AD Healthcare, our team comprises skilled gardeners who possess extensive expertise in delivering top-notch services. They have undergone thorough training to proficiently handle a range of cleaning and gardening tasks while paying meticulous attention to detail. We take pride in providing exceptional quality services tailored to the needs of our valued NDIS clients.

NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an Australian government initiative that provides support and funding to individuals with disabilities. While NDIS primarily focuses on areas like healthcare, employment, and community participation, it does not directly cover cleaning and gardening services. However, there are ways to use NDIS funding creatively to incorporate cleaning and gardening into a participant’s plan.

Under the NDIS, gardening-related activities can be considered as part of support categories such as Improved Daily Living, Improved Health and Wellbeing, or Improved Relationships. Here are some ideas on how gardening can be incorporated into an NDIS plan:

  • Gardening can be seen as an activity that promotes physical and cognitive skills. An occupational therapist can assist in developing goals related to gardening and design therapeutic activities to improve fine motor skills, sensory integration, and overall well being.
  • NDIS may fund specialized gardening tools or equipment to accommodate a person’s disability and make gardening tasks more accessible. For example, adapted tools with ergonomic handles or assistive devices like raised garden beds, automatic watering systems, or wheelchair-friendly pathways can be considered.
  • If gardening is a meaningful activity for the participant, support workers can be engaged to assist with gardening tasks like weeding, planting, or maintaining the garden. This falls under the SIL support category, which focuses on developing and maintaining independent living skills.
  • Gardening can be an excellent way to engage with the community or participate in social activities. NDIS funding can be used to join gardening clubs, attend workshops, or access community gardens where participants can interact with others and enhance their social skills.

We provide NDIS Cleaning and gardening services across the country. To discuss your gardening needs or to inquire about our services, please reach out to us on 1800 571 955 or write to us at

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