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Short Term Accommodation(NDIS)

Our Short Term Accommodation service is designed to assist adults with disabilities in acquiring new skills, fostering independence for future living arrangements. For children with disabilities, the emphasis is on social growth and enjoyable experiences. Families and caregivers benefit from a temporary reprieve from their daily responsibilities.

Short term accommodation provides individuals with the opportunity to temporarily reside with others for a brief period. Within the framework of the NDIS, Short Term Accommodation and Assistance supersedes Respite Care.
This option serves as a stepping stone for those aiming for independent living but are not yet prepared for a significant transition. During short stays, residents acquire valuable life skills such as sharing, cooking, and socializing. Additionally, booking stays concurrently with friends is possible.
Our NDIS Short Term Accommodation caters to individuals with physical, intellectual, or multiple disabilities. We offer residences across NSW, Victoria, accommodating both children and adults separately.

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