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Private Nursing Services

Private Nursing Services

Private Nursing Care in Your Own Home

At AD Healthcare, we empathize with the difficulties NDIS participants encounter when seeking in-home private nursing services. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process to ensure that eligible clients in Australia can effortlessly access top-tier private nursing care in your home.

Our seasoned NDIS nurses collaborate closely with our dedicated team, including support workers and bulk-billing GPs. This synergy ensures you receive comprehensive care to maintain your health and well-being in the most convenient location – your home.

What is Included in NDIS Private Nursing Services in your home?

Our proficiently trained nurses are dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare and nursing services within the convenience of your home. Here’s an overview of our frequently utilized in-home nursing services. It’s essential to remember that each individual’s circumstances are unique, and our NDIS registered nurses are more than willing to craft a personalized care plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Healthcare Coordination:

  • Management of complex and/or chronic conditions
  • Collaborative care involving physicians and allied healthcare professionals
  • Facilitating referrals for supplementary assistance

Peg and Swallowing Assistance:

  • Expertise in Peg Tube Feeding and Care
  • Aid with Meal Consumption for Those with Swallowing Challenges
  • Training for Caregivers and Support Personnel

Medication Management:

  • Daily administration of medications
  • Monitoring for side effects and liaison with GP
  • Management of high-risk drugs

Disability-Specific Care:

  • Tailored assistance for specific disabilities
  • Nurses with expertise in disability care
  • Person-centred medical management

Wound and Pressure Ulcer Care:

  • Cleansing and redressing wounds
  • Proactive healthcare and continuous oversight
  • Evaluation and planning for pressure ulcer care

Catheter and Stoma Care:

  • Insertion, maintenance and monitoring of catheters
  • Assistance for stoma care
  • Available for immediate assistance with catheter and stoma concerns

Rehabilitation Support

  • Assistance to recover from surgery or injury
  • Hospital post-discharge support
  • Recovery programs to maximise independence

Continence Management:

  • Assessment of bladder and bowel function
  • Development of continence management plans
  • Support and education for clients and carers

Diabetes Management:

  • Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels
  • Administering Insulin
  • Implementing Comprehensive Diabetes Care Plans

Improving Healthcare for NDIS Participants

Frequently, individuals under the NDIS face significant challenges when trying to obtain the healthcare they require.

The intricate interplay between Australia’s public health and disability systems often leads to frustrating scenarios where NDIS participants find themselves navigating a convoluted maze, shuttling back and forth between various service providers and funding agencies for prolonged periods in search of a clear delineation of service responsibilities.

Moreover, even when participants eventually secure funding for their nursing and medical requirements, they are sometimes compelled to turn to mainstream healthcare providers who lack the capacity to offer the well-coordinated and disability-specific care that is necessary.

AD Healthcare is dedicated to tackling the healthcare challenges faced by individuals with disabilities through the provision of comprehensive, integrated care. Our approach involves leveraging our team of in-home clinical nurses, support workers, and Medicare bulk-billing GPs.  With this strategy, we aim to:

  1. Address the healthcare and disability-related needs of NDIS participants under one roof, streamlining the entire process.
  2. Offer swift and adaptable medical solutions in the comfort of one’s home, thereby eliminating the stress and prolonged waiting times often associated with hospital visits, emergency departments, or GP practices.
  3. Foster a collaborative environment where participants, support workers, and medical professionals work together to deliver top-notch, person-centered care.
  4. Enhance the independence and self-sufficiency of NDIS participants who grapple with concurrent disability and medical issues.

If you have a loved one, be it a parent, relative, or friend in need of assistance, or if you find yourself facing challenges in self-care, yet prefer to remain in the comfort of your own home, in-home care presents an excellent solution. While many individuals aspire to fulfill these caregiving needs themselves, the practicality often falls short. That’s why we advocate for providing individuals the option to receive care within the familiar surroundings of their homes, fostering a sense of happiness and comfort. Our in-home care services in Australia ensure that our clients consistently receive the individualized attention they deserve, a factor that frequently contributes to improved recovery and a greater sense of independence.

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